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The Orton Community Association (OCA) has served our community for over 50 years.

The association was formed in response to the congregational decision to close St. John’s United Church in Orton. The church building was and is central to the well being of the community. The first meeting of the OCA was held on October 10, 1970 for the purpose of finding a way to ensure the church building would not be sold by the United Church of Canada and would remain available for the use by the community.

By successfully raising sufficient funds for a new roof, the association was able to demonstrate the community’s commitment to keeping the building as an integral part of the community. The result was an assurance from the United Church of Canada that the church building would not be sold and thus would be available for use by the community. The OCA has been responsible for maintaining the building ever since.

In 1999 the OCA undertook a major renovation project on the church building. With the assistance of over 30 local volunteers, the entire basement was stripped, and the electrical system was replaced, along with the walls and floors. These volunteers consisted of local tradespersons that donated their time and skills to allow the church to become the functional meeting space that it is today.

In June of 2000, the OCA purchased the building from the United Church of Canada. The building is still used as a non-denominational place of worship and well as evolving into much more; its has become the centre of our active, vibrant community with the addition of a community park, playground, pavilion and baseball diamond.

The OCA became a non-profit organization in 1978 and received registered charity status in May, 1979. The mandate of the association remains to promote, support and protect the general well-being of the community. The OCA Endeavours to provide social, recreational and educational opportunities for the entire community.

Our focus on community is what makes living in Orton a unique family experience.

Contributed by Cathie Keeler

Orton Community Association